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Not rent over prices

Public Zhang yesterday Letters for help: "Where can I rent a cheap car? 2089 did not come home to the New Year, and now want to go back, car rental and very difficult." Mr. Zhang people Anhui, wife Huai'an people, couples The people worked hard in Nanjing, the wife of New Year's Eve at noon before a holiday, the bus can not sit, so they had to car Rental. Car Rental home too expensive But the past two days, Mr. Zhang consulting around and found the car rental is very difficult, and too expensive. Had thought that car rental day 100 yuan, but he check online to rent a car during the Spring Festival, the minimum should be three or four hundred days. He home nearby and Rapid Car rental stores, and found that the cars are booked. . If you buy train tickets can rent a car to open the home? The Modern Express reporter recently found that, Nanjing car rental market during the Spring Festival, "a car is hard to find, booking period is a month or two in advance, and now start already too late. In contrast, the national chain of car rental company does have a car, but to order the cheapest the manual compact sedan, its price is equivalent to the usual high-end business sedan generally required three or four hundred. Able at an affordable price to rent a car? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter consulted Nanjing, a car service company, the staff said they mainly provide mid-range car, the general price is a couple of hundred dollars a day. Not rent over prices Citizen "We holidays not raising their prices, but there is no car." Staff said they received more for old customers, with past experience, book now increasingly early time of the car a couple of months in advance to set. This time think of custom car, set down before the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year that period of time not.